In-Floor Pipe & Accessories
PEX Tubing
  • Available in multiple sizes and lengths
  • UV Stabilized
  • Oxygen Barrier or Non Barrier available
  • CB Pex
Insulated PEX Tubing
  • Insulated PEX Tubing
  • Available in single or dual configuration
  • Cut to order lengths
  • Urecon


Hydronic Manifolds
  • The CB Supplies manifold, available with 1″ or 1 1/4″ headers, is ideal for hydronic and regulation balancing of radiant floor heating systems.
  • It comes complete in the box eliminating the confusion with necessary add-on parts. It is also assembled and mounted on brackets and therefore can go from the box to the wall making its installation simple and fast.
  • Each manifold is equipped with supply and return isolator valves on which are mounted two thermometers for supply and return temperature monitoring.
  • The supply header is equipped with flow gauges simplifying the system calibration.
  • The return header is controlled by manual shutoff valves or can be coupled to electro thermal actuators for the automatic control of the environment temperature.
  • It is also equipped with two automatic air flow vents for air purging. The fill and purging ports are equipped with ball valves simplifying these two operations.
  • CB Pex
TwistSeal Modular Manifolds
  • Modular “tool-less” assembly.
  • Multiple configurations from basic to deluxe (all interchangeable; can be reconfigured on-site).
  • Unlike a fixed loop manifold, loops can be added or removed as required.
  • Available in 55mm or 40mm Mini configurations
Stainless Steel Manifolds
  • Preassembled configurations from 2 to 12 loops.
  • Integrated 1″ FIP isolation valves and hosebibs
  • For hydronic manifold flow control
  • Available with End Switch to allow pump and/or boiler switching.
  • Available with heat demand LED indicator
  • CB Pex
Terrafoam Insulation
  • Terrafoam under slab insulation
  • 2″ – 4′ x 8′