Fibreglass Fuel Oil Tanks
Granby Fibrestore Fuel Tanks
  • Residential Fibreglass Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Features dual-layer resin composite with anti-mildew, UV-resistant exterior gel coat.
  • Two large grip handles on each side for greater ease of manipulation. The handles
    are recessed so they are never in the way.
  • Four 2″ tappings of the same dimensions and configuration as most common oil
    steel tanks, which allows for simple and easy retrofit installations. No special
    fittings neededā€”tappings will accept standard fill, gauge and vent fittings.
  • Innovative leg design for greater tank stability and easier installation and levellingĀ of the tank.
  • Built-in slope at the bottom of the tank to allow easier removal of water build-up
    from condensation.
  • All tank sizes are available with either 1/2″ or 2″ side tap or with no side opening
    for top draw applications.
  • 680 L / 150 USG
  • 910 L / 200 USG
  • 1135 L / 250 USG