Beckett 596101BU Six (6) Pack Of Cad Cell Eyes Only (No Leads) Cad Cell Flame Detector

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Dimensions 1.5 × 3 × 1.5 in

The 596101BU Cad Cell Eye Bulk Pack contains 6 each of the 596101 replacement cad cell eyes. The cad cell eyes can be used as replacements on most Beckett, Carlin, and Wayne oil burners using standard cad cell technology.

Replaces Westwood E81, Type M, E81-5, Type M, CleanBurn 33116-E, Clean Burn 33116-E, Honeywell 130367, 120320 and 124607, Oilco OC-10, Oilco OC10, Carlin 4002400A, 10136WB

The convenient box makes it easy to carry multiple replacement eyes for tune-ups and service calls.

Fits Honeywell C554A1018, C554A1026, C554A1083, C554A1109, C554A1133, C554A1174, C554A1215, C554A1216, C554A1232, C554A1372, C554A1463, C554A1570, C554A1687, C554A1703, C554A1760, C554A1794, C554A1836, C554A1844, C554A1893, C554A1919, C554A1927, Beckett 7006, 7006U, 7135, 7135U, 7316, 7316U, Lanair 8981, Reznor 123195, EnergyLogic 20210110, Energy Logic 20210110

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