Service Products
  • Pyroseal is a smooth, creamy, easy spreading furnace and retort cement that sticks where you put it
  • For high temperature sealing and bonding
  • Shrink-proof, crack-proof
  • Use in combustion chambers and for sealing doors and flue pipes
  • Available in 3 lbs, 6 lbs and 12 lbs containers
  • Odorgon kills odors and aborbs oil from concrete and other floors
  • Handy for cleaning up after spills and oil leaks
  • Leaves a pleasant odor after absorbing spills
  • Available in 1 lbs or 2 lbs container¬† or 14 oz aerosol spray
  • The original soot remover aerosol
  • Raches where vacuum cleaners can’t
  • 14 oz aerosol
  • Sootmaster powder removes soot from oil and gas fired burners
  • Works both by catalysis and supplying of extra oxygen
  • Applied by scattering or dusting surface with a sprayer
  • The original soot stick.¬† Destroys soot quickly by catalytic low temperature ignition
  • Residual soot removal coating works even after stick is consumed
  • Fits through all combustion chamber openings
  • Aquasorb is the most powerful water and sludge dispersant for fuel tanks.
  • Prevents ice blockage, sputtering flame, flame failure, and sludge
  • Avoids corrosion-caused leaks