Fan Coils
HE-Z Series
  • The Hi-Velocity System is a high pressure forced air delivery system that can be designed to provide heating, cooling, filtration, ventilation, and humidification. The Hi-Velocity System has been pre-engineered and works on the principle of pressure rather than air velocity.
  • HE-Z-50 – Up to 59,400 BTU
  • HE-Z-70 – Up to 89,200 BTU
  • HE-Z-100 – Up to 134,000 BTU
  • Utilizes a WEG variable frequency drive
  • Includes field programmable Pressure Sensing Board for optimum fan control
LV-Z Series
  • Variable frequency drive forced air fancoil series
  • Perfect for new construction or retrofit applications
  • Utilizes highly efficient Variable Speed Technology
  • Save time, money and energy, conventionally!!
  • LV-Z-1050 – Up to 86,000 BTU
  • LV-Z-1750 – Up to 149,200 BTU
LV Series
  • The Lo-Velocity fan coil can be used with a boiler, dual purpose hot water heater, or heat pump for utilizing conventional duct systems. Cooling can be done with a chilled water or refrigerant coil.
  • When used in new construction or retrofit installations with conventional duct systems, the higher static pressure provides for better air flow on
    long duct runs.
  • LV-50 – Up to 64,900 BTU
  • LV-70 – Up to 84,900 BTU
  • LV-120 – Up to 126,600 BTU
  • LV-140 – Up to 147,500 BTU
JH Series
  • Designed for specialty applications to provide smaller areas with space heating and fresh air make-up; Can be used as a stand alone central exhaust ventilator system.
  • JH-15 – Up to 23,000 BTU
  • JH-30 – Up to 51,600 BTU
Flexible Mini Ducts
  • For use with HE Series fan coils
  • Available in 2″ or HE Sizes
  • Can be installed along joists, in between walls or other space confined areas quickly and easily delivering the air quietly with a sound absorbing inner core
  • The core is wrapped with fibreglass insulation (R4.2/R8.4) and is encapsulated by a metalized vapor barrier reinforced by fibreglass string.
  • 2″ x 10′ AFD, 2″ x 15′ AFD, 2″ x 25′ UFD
  • HE x 10′ AFD, HE x 15′ AFD, HE x 25 UFD
Vent Plates
  • Decorative vent plates for HE Series
  • White Plastic
  • Antique Brass
  • Brushed Chrome
  • Silver Vein
  • Copper Vein
  • Black Wrinkle
  • Unfinished Oak
  • Unfinished Maple