Fuel Oil Tank Accessories

We carry a wide selection of fuel oil tank accessories including tank gauges, whistles, alarms, vent caps, locking vent caps, Tigerloops, flexible oil lines, copper tubing, bushings, covers, stands.
Fuel Oil Tank Accessories
Oil Yeller Containment Trays
  • This tray and alarm system is designed to capture leaks from tank failure, overfilling, filter and connection leaks. This tray is typically installed under the tank during a new or tank replacement installation. The tank must be lifted into the tray.
  • Installing a wide tray is easy. The tray is placed on the floor where the tank shall be installed. The area where the tank legs will rest requires a protective plate and neoprene gasket. The tank is simply lifted and placed on the leg protectors. After the tank is in the tray, move the tank and tray together to final install position.
  • Choose one of our three alarm models to monitor the system 24 hours a day. Alarms are simply velcro mounted on any of our Oil Yeller trays.
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Roth Fuel Tank Accessories
  • For Roth double wall fuel oil tanks
  • Install Kits, 3/8″ or 1/2″ (gauge, whistle, bushing)
  • Covers
  • Expansion Kits
  • Leak Detectors
  • Roth Industries
CGF Fuel Tank Accessories
  • Oil Filters
  • Fill caps and vent caps
  • Tank Whistles
  • Tank Gauges
Ktech Fuel Tank Accessories
  • Midget Levelometers
  • Fuel Oil Tank Alarms
  • Liquid LevelĀ Float Switches
  • Fuel Oil Pump Controllers
  • Ktech Industrial Products
Fuel Tank Tubing & Connectors
  • Flexible copper tubing c/w coating
  • Custom flexible connectors available – stainless steel
Beckett Oil Tank Accessories
  • King Fill Alarms & Gauges
  • Rocket Wireless Gauges
  • SpeedFILL Caps & Connectors
  • Safety Valves
  • Vent / Fill Caps
  • Duplex Tank Bushings
  • FuelArmor Fuel Treatment