Commercial Fuel Oil Tanks
Granby Commercial Fuel Oil Tanks
  • A complete range of tanks designed to meet the most stringent commercial and industrial standards and to ensure long-term environmental protection. It includes underground and above-ground tanks available in a variety of sizes, with legs or on skids.
  • Single Wall, Double Wall, Double Bottom
  • Granby Industries
AT&S Commercial Fuel Oil Tanks
  • Single and double-wall atmospheric storage tanks, fabricated in accordance with ULC -S601 standard (last edition)
  • Horizontal or vertical configuration, cylindrical or rectangular
  • Access ladder or staircase filling complies with safety standards
  • Lockable spill box in accordance with ULC/ORD C142.19 standard
  • Vandal-resistant emergency vents
  • Galvanized service vents with V cap (rain cap)
  • Galvanized steel grating structures—steps, catwalks, platforms, etc.
  • Steel surfaces are all sandblasted to SSPC specifications
  • Epoxy painting with a thickness greater than 5 mil DFT on all surfaces
  • Tanks available in a range of capacities from 30 L to 200,000 L
  • AT&S