Beckett PF20372U, PF10372U, 2184402U 12VDC Cleancut Fuel OIl Pump A2EA-6520

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4 GPH at 100 PSI
Voltage: 12 VDC
Pressure Adjustment: 100 – 200 PSI
Inlet Pressure: 10 PSI
RPM: 3,600

green solenoid

The Beckett CleanCut pump has an integrated solenoid valve for cleaner light-offs and shut-offs. Without the valve, an oil pump will spray oil before the motor has reached full speed at start up, and it will continue to allow oil to spray as the motor coasts after shut off – both of which result in soot formation in the heat exchanger. The CleanCut pump will help the heat exchanger stay cleaner and the furnace/boiler will operate more efficiently because of it.



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