J31R01125 Power Ventor Motor 1/20Hp 115V

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Sterling J31R01125 115V Power Vent Inducer Motor For QV Series Enerpak Units

1/20 HP
1.5 Amp
3000 RPM

Used On Sterling Models: QVEF30, QVEF45, QVEF60, QVEF75, QVEF100, QVEF125, QVEF150, QVEF175, QVEF200, QVEF225, QVEF250, QVEF300, QVEF350, QVEF400, QVEB30, QVEB45, QVEB60, QVEB75, QVEB100, QVEB125, QVEB150, QVEB175, QVEB200, QVEB225, QVEB250, QVEB300, QVEB350, QVEB400, QVED30, QVED45, QVED60, QVED75, QVED100, QVED125, QVED150, QVED175, QVED200, QVED225, QVED250, QVED300, QVED350, QVED400, QVES30, QVES45, QVES60, QVES75, QVES100, QVES125, QVES150, QVES175, QVES200, QVES225, QVES250, QVES300, QVES350, QVES400,QVSD30, QVSD45, QVSD60, QVSD75, QVSD100, QVSD125, QVSD150, QVSD175, QVSD200, QVSD225, QVSD250, QVSD300, QVSD350, QVSD400

Used On Dayton / Grainger Models: 2HYW1, 2HYW2, 2HYW3, 2HYW4, 4E454, 4E463, 9E796, 9E801, 4E455, 4E464, 4E456, 4E465, 4E457, 4E466, 9E797, 9E802, 4E458, 4E467, 9E798, 9E803, 4E459, 4E468, 9E799, 9E804, 4E460, 4E469, 4E461, 4E470, 9E800, 9E805, 4E462, 4E471, 6RJV1, 6RJV2, 6RJV3, 6RJV4, 6RJV5, 6RJV6, 6RJV7, 6RJV8, 6RJV9, 6RJW0, 6RJW1, 6RJW2, 6RJW3, 6RJW4, 6RJW5, 6RJW6, 6RJW7, 6RJW8, 6RJW9, 6RJX0, 6RJX1, 6RJX2, 6RJX3, 6RJX3, 6RJX4, 6RJX5, 6RJX6, 6RJX7, 6RJX8

Same As Beacon Morris 11J31R01125, Bryant 11J31R01125, Carrier 11J31R01125, ICP 11J31R01125, Heil Quaker 11J31R01125, Payne 11J31R01125, Day And Nite 11J31R01125, Trane 11J31R01125, Fasco 71215949, Fasco 7121-5949, Zoro Tools G8812912, Grainger 32RV18

Weight 4.6 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 8 × 6.5 in
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