J28R06881 Control Board

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Sterling J28R06881 Direct Spark Ignition Control Board

Same as Beacon Morris J28R06881, Sterling 11J28R06881, Carrier 11J28R06881, Beacon Morris 11J28R06881, Payne 11J28R06881, Bryant 11J28R06881, Day Nite 11J28R06881, Grainger 32RV14, Heil Quaker J28R06881, Heil Quaker 11J28R06881, ICP J28R06881, ICP 11J28R06881 Control Board

Used On The Following Model Numbers: TF030, TF045, TF060, TF075, TF090, TF100, TF125, TF150, TF175, TF200, TF250, TF300, TF350, TF400, RF030, RF045, RF060, RF075, RF090, SF030, SF045, SF060, SF075, GG030, GG045, GG060, GG075, GG090, GG105, GG120, SF100, SF125, SF150, SF175, SF200, SF250, SF300, SF350, SF400, TC100, TC125, TC150, TC175, TC200, TC250, TC300, TC350, TC400, SC100, SC125, SC150, SC175, SC200, SC250, SC300, SC350, SC400, BRU30, BRU45, BRU60, BRU75, BRU90, BTU30, BTU45, BTU60, BTU75, BTU90, BTU100, BTU125, BTU150, BTU150, BTU175, BTU200, BTU250, BTU275, BTU300, BTU350, BTU400, BST30, BST45, BST60, BST75

J28R06881 And 11J28R06881 Are Identical To 11J28-06881

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