Beckett CF60KH 6″ Blast Tube And Assembly For CF800 Oil Burners 3.00-7.00 GPH

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Weight 2.9 lbs
Dimensions 10.5 × 5.5 × 5.5 in

Used With The CF800 (BCF403) Oil Burner On The Following Equipment
Burnham FD-12
Burnham FD-14
Burnham FD-15
Burnham FD-19
Burnham FDO-12
Burnham FDO-14
Burnham FDO-15
Burnham MPC-5
Burnham PF-504
National Combustion CO-XC 58 (CO-58, XC-58)
National Combustion CO-XC 72 (CO-72, XC-72)
Peerless 7FDA 7FDA-704
Peerless JO-6FDA
Peerless JO-7FDA
Peerless JO-8FDA
Peerless JO-9FDA
Peerless JO-10FDA
Peerless LC04
Peerless LC05R
Peerless SC07
Peerless SC08
Peerless SC09
Peerless SC10
H.B. Smith 19A-5
Weil Mclain 876, 8-76
Weil Mclain 976, 9-76

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