B2VA8241B Suntec Fuel Pump, 3450 Rpm

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Weight 3.8 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 4 × 5 in

Suntec B2VA8241B Oil Pump (2 Stage-3450 RPM RH Rotation) replaces B2VA8241

General application Boost pump (10-20psi)*
Fuel # 2 fuel oil and lighter
Shaft rotation and nozzle location (seen from shaft end) RH rotation, RH nozzle
Gear type 2 stages
Strainer rating 7 GPH
Cut-off Diaphragm valve
Certification UL Recognised in Canada and USA
Installation Two-pipe system recommended*
Motor speed 3450 RPM

Used On Boost Pump Complete Models BB-1020M, BB-1020R

* This pump is a 2-stage pump and is self-priming if operated 2-pipe. If operated 1-pipe, it is basically like
a single stage (A Series) pump. This pump is also a boost pump, designed for 2-pipe operation
This pump is delivered for 1-pipe system. To convert to a 2-pipe system, remove the 1/4 NPTF return plug
and insert the 1/16th bypass plug using a 5/32 Allen wrench. Do not reinstall the 1/4 return plug.

B – Two Stage
2- 3450 RPM
V – 3 GPH
A- R.H. Rotation – R.H. Nozzle
82 – Hub 54 mm, Lip Seal
41 – Mounting Style and Specialty Pumps

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