Beckett 7590D0001U 24v GeniSys Primary Control For CG4001 Gas Burners

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 6.5 × 3.5 in
Electrical Ratings Inputs
Voltage: 120 Vac (igniter, motor)
24 Vac (control, gas valve, air proving switch)
24 Volt Current Draw: 0.2 Amps plus gas valve
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Main Valve Rating: 2.0 Amps (24 V) (resistive)
Motor Relay Rating: 7.4 Amps (120V)
Igniter Relay Rating: 1.0 Amp (120V)


Time 4 seconds
120 Volt Igniter and Blower Motor Output  Yes
24 Volt Gas Valve Output  Yes
2 Pin Connector for Pressure Switch  Yes
Non-volatile Lockout  No
Product Description
The Beckett GeniSys® Gas Power Burner Control is a 24 Vac primary safety control designed for use on gas power
burners in residential and light commercial gas heating applications. Applications may include boilers, furnaces,
water heaters, space heating and commercial cooking equipment. The GeniSys® Gas Power Burner Control
provides supervision of a 120 volt burner motor and a separate 120 Vac igniter as well as a 24 Vac gas valve. The
7590C and D models provide connections for a combustion air proving switch and monitor the switch position to
check for sticking or welded switch contacts.
Features & Benefits
• 3 LEDs provide basic diagnostic information
• Single or multiple trials for ignition before lockout
• Designed for easy mounting on a 4 x 4 junction
• Selectable ignition timing 4-15 seconds
• Selectable pre-purge timing 1-240 seconds
• Selectable relight or recycle operation on loss of fl ame
• The microprocessor is checked for proper operation before each cycle
• Checks combustion air proving switch contacts on 7590C and D models
• Gas valve relay check on each cycle
• Available model (7590C) with manual reset button and non-volatile lockout
• Communication Port links new alarm module and future products
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